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You can contact us to go to your school, get involved with us or ny other thing that you think of. There is three different ways to participate with us. If you are still not very sure about which one fits you best you can tell us about you and we can figure it out.

1- Volunteer: Student or young woman who has recently started working in a STEM environment. She will be part of the organisation, participating in the different activities we offer.

2- Referent guest: A woman that has developed her career in a STEM environment and has valuable expirience. She will join us in certain activities to talk about her experience throughout her career.

3- Sponsor: a company that shares our ideals and wants to get involved with us providing funds, material, joint activities…

Would you like us to go to your school? Do you want to be part of our team?Do you want to share your experience as a woman in tech?

    Are you a student looking for some help?
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